Collection: Tetra Pak Intaglio Prints

Tetra Pak Intaglio is a unique and experimental take on the traditional drypoint or intaglio printmaking technique.

Tetra Pak intaglio prints offer a fresh and innovative approach to the art of printmaking. Unlike the conventional method, where a metal plate is engraved with an etching needle, this technique introduces a twist by utilizing Tetra Pak™ as the printing surface. You may recognize Tetra Pak as the material commonly found in milk, juice, or soup packaging, which consists of multiple layers including a thin metal film and a plastic coating.

What sets Tetra Pak intaglio apart is its accessibility and versatility. Instead of working with a rigid metal plate, Tetra Pak plates that can be easily cut using scissors or a cutter. This flexibility allows for endless possibilities in design and experimentation. Furthermore, the use of a pasta making machine or a hobby embossing machine as an alternative to an expensive etching press makes the entire process convenient and feasible to carry out at home.